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The weirdest thing I keep in my bag

I wrote yesterday about the 5 most useful things I keep in my camera bag. If you haven't already read it, you can find a link to that post further down this page. So I thought I'd write about the weirdest thing I keep in my bag. Not necessarily my camera bag, as it is sometimes in my handbag if I'm not taking the camera out with me.

By now you're probably intrigued as to what it is, so I shall show you:

European pet passport

I'm told it's a strange thing to carry! But the reason I do is because the Netherlands is so small, and I often cross a border, whether intentionally, or just because the road zigzags between two countries, and my dog is often with me. So I simply carry it. I have never once actually been stopped at any of the borders, which is a good thing as I've occasionally forgotten my own passport!

As for my passport, I rarely carry it as the hassle of replacing it should it get lost or stolen is huge to do it from abroad. I did always carry a photocopy, and some other official letter showing my name and address, just in case. But I've never had to show it. I've lost count of the times we were visiting somewhere close to the German border, and that the road weaved in and out of both I have in fact accidentally crossed a border without my legal I.D. All citizens in the Netherlands must carry photographic I.D. on them at all times. Hence the photocopy I used to carry. But now I have a permanent residence permit, so I carry that instead. Obviously if I plan on crossing a border, I do take my passport, as it's still required.

As far as my dog goes, I've always carried his. The times I didn't have my passport on me, was before I got him. His vaccines are always up to date anyway, but I make sure I carry it. But there you have it. That's the weirdest thing I carry in my bag (sometimes handbag, other times my camera bag). What's your strangest item? Feel free to share it in the comments below!

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