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Rant of the day

Today's rant is about people who go to the beach but do not go in to the sea, or at least walk along the beach. Why bother? As a redhead, I may be slightly jealous that you can tan and I can't, but there's no need to rub it in! I like taking a stroll along the beach, but all summer long, it's like stepping over dead bodies. Most of you aren't tanned either, you look worse than I do in the sun! I can't walk my dog there (yes, I clean up), not because there's nowhere to walk, but because dogs are banned in summer to allow people to enjoy the beach. Sleeping on the beach? How is that enjoying it? You could have a nap at home! You'd save a fortune in parking costs too! When it's really hot, I don't even bother going to the beach as it's just going to be packed. I feel sorry for the people who live close by and can't enjoy it. For me, it isn't really a big deal. I just like to have something to rant about! If you tan, and I don't, thats ammunition enough!

Packed beach on a sunny day

At the risk of sounding really weird, I actually like going to the beach when it's really windy. It's the only time I don't mind getting rained on too. You just can't beat that sea air on a wet and windy day! A nice brisk walk then beats a hot sunny day. The smell, oh, I wish I could bottle it! I grew up near the coast, but strangely most of my adult life, I've lived as far away as possible from any beach. That hasn't been intentional, it just happened that way. I'm definitely not a sunbathing type, but there's little I love more than that windy day beach stroll. I don't care if my hair gets messed up or if I get soaked. I don't even care about getting sand everywhere. Why is it you crunch on sand for the rest of the day after going to the beach? Well, it doesn't matter, as I don't care. There's just something comforting about going to the beach, to me. So you beach bums can keep it in the summer! This isn't really a rant, but more of a lack of understanding. I just don't see what the appeal is of laying on a beach all day?

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