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My holiday destinations bucket list, and why

With corona, and the semi lockdown that we still have here in my little corner of the world, I've been thinking about where I'd like to go on holiday when it's safer to travel. The only problem is, there are too many places on my list to just choose one. I guess we all feel that way at the moment. So I decided to compile my very own holiday destinations bucket list! And why not?!

The Northern Lights in Norway

1. Norway

Norway has always appealed to me, because they have snow! Yes, we get snow in the rest of Europe too, but they have lots of it! The short days in winter too, and the night time photography opportunities with little or no light pollution! One can only dream

The Sahara Desert in Morocco

2. Morocco

I have never been outside of Europe, but there is just something that appeals to me about Morocco. The vibrant colours, the aromatic spice markets and of course a different culture to anything I know. I would love to stay in a riad too so I could really see and experience the local customs and culture. I'm not so sure about visiting in summer time as I don't like the heat, and Morocco certainly has plenty of that! But I think spring or autumn would be amazing. The real highlight would of course be a trip in to the Sahara desert.

Castle in Scotland

3. The Lake District and Scotland

This one is a little closer to home. Although it's my home country, I haven't been to the Lake District. I have been to Scotland, but I was very young, and remember very little of it. This would be a quiet walking and photography holiday with a bit of rest and relaxation away from the busy tourist destinations too. It's also somewhere I can take my dogs along (they never complain about getting extra walks!). So I think I'd like a week in the lakes, and then a week in Scotland, mostly in the highlands. At least I won't have to worry about the weather, I'll pack a brolly!

The Plitvice Lakes in Croatia

4. Croatia

As a teen, I spent a lovely holiday with my family in former Yugoslavia. (Now I'm showing my age!) The area we visited is now Slovenia. It was beautiful. I'd love to go there again one day, but I think I'd like to explore Croatia first. Largely unspoilt by huge crowds of tourists, beautiful scenery and national parks (in particular, the Plitvice lakes), and of course it's rocky coast with small picturesque coves (did I say, no crowds?!)

Mountains in Corsica

5. Corsica

Can you see a pattern here yet? I like quiet, less touristy places. I also like active holidays rather than laying on a beach or by a pool. I want to see and do things. I only recently stumbled across Corsica as a possible holiday destination. I must be honest, I knew nothing about it before, but it really looks appealing to me. Rugged mountains, beautiful scenery. I think this small island needs some serious looking in to, and I'm keeping a space on my list for it!

Snow capped mountains in Canada

6. Canada

Now it's confession time. You see, I hate flying! I mean really hate it! So far, all the other places on my list, I could get to without flying. But Canada is just a little bit too far for that! However, it is a serious contender as it's just so beautiful. All that snow! It's a no brainer, I'll be visiting in winter time! Mountains. Amazing scenery. I've really got to deal with that fear of flying.

Venice, Italy

7. Italy

Italy goes slightly against the grain for me, in that it is of course very touristy. I believe even the quieter spots are rather busy. But this would be a trip to almost leave my camera behind and just enjoy myself. A gondola ride, bit of shopping (hope my husband doesn't read this!), and of course see the famous landmarks. When I've shopped til I've dropped, I could relax on a terrace and enjoy the sunset over one of the old cities with a simple but authentic Italian dinner with a little glass of vino to wash it down, of course. What could be nicer?! I know I said I could almost leave the camera behind, but I didn't mention a certain mountain range; the Dolomites! So I think any trip to Italy would start there. Hiking in the Dolomites, with camera and gear first. Followed by a week in Venice for a much needed comfy bed, proper shower and some retail therapy. (window shopping, if husband is reading this).


8. Iceland

I've saved the best til last! Iceland! This is without a doubt the photographers dream location. Mountains, waterfalls, beautiful night skies without light pollution, better chance of seeing the Northen Lights than anywhere else in Europe. Quiet....the list goes on! This one is top of my list. Forget about the photographers dream, as I would also just love to see it. Iceland, looks to me like it's one of the prettiest places on earth. That's enough to keep this one at the top of my wishlist!

There are quite a few other places I'd like to visit too, but these are the main ones. I could go on forever, but I decided I had to keep the list down to my favourites only. But for now, it's nice to have these dreams for when the pandemic is over, or at least that it's safer to travel. Please do let me know in the comments where you would like to visit. Maybe you could even broaden my horizons to outside of Europe (but it must be good for me to consider getting on a plane!)

Obviously the photos on this page are not my own, but they are licensed for me to use. So normal copyright rules still apply.

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