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Autumn in Flevoland

The Netherlands is almost entirely flat, with the exception of the south. Flevoland is little known by most people as its mostly reclaimed land from the sea, and as such is predominantly farmland now. Foreigners don't know it exists, and Dutch people mostly pass through and think it fairly bland, unexciting landscapes. However, it does have it's surprising little areas. You just have to look for them! One thing there is no shortage of here are forests. Many were planted artificially when the land was reclaimed, but many are also natural ones that have grown on the former marshland. Head in to one of those forests in autumn, and you are in for a colourful treat! Of course, it's often difficult to get that magical time when all the trees are in the beautiful autumnal colours, and before the harsh wind storms arrive and blow the leaves down. But if you time it right, there are some magical spots to be found in this neck of the woods, pun intended! I want to show you a little snippet of what my favourite time of year has to offer in Flevoland. These photos were all taken in Waterloopbos, one of my favourite places to go now, since discovering it fairly recently.

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Spring is also a delight here as it's the biggest tulip growing area in the country, contrary to belief! Most think it's on the outskirts of Amsterdam (it was once), but now the biggest tulip area is right here on my doorstep. There is an actual tulip route (tulpenroute) that you can drive along. It's all signposted, and as not many people know about it, it's relatively quiet too so you're free to pull over and get out to take photos in many places. You can even see vast seas of bright coloured fields from the motorway going northbound past Lelystad, and even a few a bit further South closer to Almere. But I'll talk more in depth about it another day. For now, I'm enjoying autumn and all those beautiful, rich colours.

Charlotte van Putten, photographer. Flevoland, Netherlands

Do you have a favourite place to go in autumn? Let me know in the comments! What is your favourite time of year?

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