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Another year older

I have earnt another candle on my cake. If I earn many more, I'll start to lose count, I reckon! Decided to have a day out as it's been a tough year what with Covid. I've missed having days out! Both hubby and my Birthdays are in September, so unless it's a big one, we usually take it in turns and have a joint celebration. Usually a day out followed by a nice meal in a restaurant. We often go to Efteling actually. I just love it. I feel like a big kid there. But it was looking like it would be busy, and that's just not my cup of tea, queueing for an hour plus per ride. There has been a smaller but similar fairytale theme park on my list of places to visit one day. That park was Sprookjeswonderland in Enkhuizen.

Of course, I expected it to be a lot smaller than Efteling, and without the many rides. But I had hoped the fairytale forest would be good. It was, but I had slightly higher hopes to be honest. However, I think it's an awesome park for little ones. Just not so great for grown ups! Especially not ones with as many candles on their cake as I have! (we won't get in to hubby's, he finds it a bit of a touchy subject!). Having said that, we still had fun. It was quiet, and nobody seemed to notice we didn't have kids, so I still felt a bit like a big kid. Only not like I do at Efteling! The fairytale forest wasn't bad. The rides, however, really were only for little ones, but I expected that. Of course I managed to get a few photos:

My real treat was after leaving the park when we headed off to explore the nearby harbour at Enkhuizen. We walked all around the harbour and along the walls.

The Old Harbour, Enkhuizen
The Old Harbour. Enkhuizen, Netherlands.

This photo is available here in my shop.

We spent a very pleasant end to the Sunday afternoon here., before settling down for a cozy meal in one of the many restaurants. Our furry companion (Shih Tzu) approved of that too! Finally we were treated to a beautiful sunset before heading home.

Sunset above the water at the old harbour. Enkhuizen, Netherlands
Sunset at Enkhuizen, Netherlands

This photo is available here in my shop.

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