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Another celebration!

This time, it was my husbands Birthday. He decided on a day at the zoo. There's a handful of zoos both here and in Germany that allow dogs, so we took him along too. Of course I took my camera gear too as that's too good an opportunity to miss! I was under strict instructions to behave this year, ie, no asking for one adult and one senior ticket, like I did last year on his birthday. That was a museum of all places, and they didn't even bat an eyelid! I did feel bad about not paying the full price, but I didn't think for one minute they'd believe me at the ticket desk! Hubby wanted to save face, so wouldn't let me confess. Normally he'd be quite happy about saving a few euros, but he was quite annoyed about that!

man and a Shih Tzu under a tree
The Birthday Boy!

Charlotte van Putten, Photographer
Shih Tzu peering in to crocs mouth

Our dog loves going to the zoo. Before Covid we had an annual subscription, so we went regularly. He can't walk around the entire zoo, he's only small, so we either carry him on and off, or he goes in his dog buggy. He'll literally keep on going though, if we let him! He approaches some of the enclosures with his tail wagging trying to greet the big tigers and and chimpanzees - he's grown up visiting them, so he's used to it, but it is funny to see! Of course, I managed to get a few snaps too, some of which you can buy framed prints or canvases from my shop (links provided below the photos).

Meercats preening

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An orangutan sat meticulously picking blades of grass

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Meercats snuggled together in a hole in the ground

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A lioness yawning

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A meercat sat on a log

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We actually went the day before Theo's actual Birthday as it was on the Saturday. That proved to be a good choice as it was so quiet. So, we had a good day, and came home with a very tired out dog! On his actual Birthday, I cooked his favourite steak dinner (all jokes about his age were instantly forgiven!). He's been on holiday this month. Dutch people generally take their entire holiday allowance in one go, which is an entire month usually. I still find that strange! Anyway, apart from our Birthdays, we haven't done much all month, so it was nice to finally get out and do something!

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