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Born and raised in the south of England, but now living in the Netherlands.  I love beautiful music, pretty skies and colourful sunsets. I really should make more of an effort to see the occasional sunrise!  Growing up (My birth certificate shows I'm middle aged, but I am not yet grown up), I shunned academics in favour of music and crafts. To this day, I still do them all. I play in a wind orchestra.  If not practicing I will have a crochet hook in my hand, or be dabbling with some felting wool or some other craft (far too many to mention). 


I love jumping in the car to go searching for a pretty photography spot. Sometimes I don't find one, but other times I do and wish I had taken different lenses with me. I have long since given up trying to find rolling hill landscapes in the Netherlands, so I try to find beauty in other ways. The Netherlands may not have hills, but it does have some beautiful spots. I also regularly explore over the borders into France, Germany, Belgium and beyond. I shoot with mostly a mirrorless camera, which has become my firm favourite, but occasionally my trusty old DSLR too, and enjoy exploring various techniques. I endeavour to both capture the moment and essence of a scene.  Just like beautiful music, or a good coffee, there is always something to be found and appreciated. The camera can capture that moment forever. I just love anything and everything artsy. I hate the word 'artsy', but I use it all the time!  Every day, and every scene has something to learn or a new way to portray it.

I am always happy to discuss commission work or digital files.  Please contact me for a chat.

Charlotte van Putten. Fine art photographer

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