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 About Charlotte

Born and raised in the south of England, Charlotte van Putten is an established landscape and nature photographer and has been based in the Netherlands for over ten years now. She has always been fascinated with various arts. As well as photogography, she also participates in numerous crafts and music. Growing up, she shunned academics in favour of music, and has played in various military bands, woodwind bands and wind orchestras.


She loves nothing more than to jump in the car and see where it may take her, camera at the ready, of course. Often exploring beyond the Dutch borders and in to France, Belgium and Germany, she is constantly searching for a new beauty spot or an unexpected sunset. Her tool of choice is mostly her favourite mirrorless camera, but at times her trusty old DSLR. She endeavours to both capture the moment and essence of a scene, and she says:

"Just like beautiful music or a good coffee, there is always something to be found and appreciated. The camera can capture that moment forever. Every day and every scene brings something new to learn, and a new way to portray it" 

Charlotte van Putten. Landscape and nature photographer.

One of  Charlotte's main priorities is that she respects the impact of photography on nature and always follows rules, never venturing off designated paths that could harm wildlife or plants. She feels this is an important part of her work. Her joy of landscape photography is not to tread the forbidden paths in search of that amazing shot, but instead she strives to adapt her equipment in order to capture the scene if possible, and if not, to simply enjoy being there. But above all to leave no trace behind. 

She is entirely self taught and believes that every day brings something new to learn. Charlotte believes that once the camera is mastered, the lessons truly begin. There is no black and white, as art is a personal perspective, and Charlotte strives to capture scenes how she sees them, preferring to use out of camera technique as opposed to artificial methods. Of course a photo needs to be edited, but she aims to portray it how she saw it using various filters and equipment in the field as it were, rather than on the computer afterwards. No two days are ever alike. The same place can look entirely different from one day to the next. The changing seasons, weather and different times of the day all play a huge part. It is a combination of these details, equipment choice and meticulous post editing that sets apart a fine art print from a massed produced one. You can buy Charlotte's framed prints, canvases, and various other wall art and photographic print gifts from this site.

Charlotte is available to discuss commission work or digital files. Please use the form below to get in touch.

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